You don’t know us yet. So here is a couple of photos.

Guillaume is randomly on the right of each photo.
Jonathan is randomly on the left of each photo.

We are Jonathan and Guillaume. Creative team since 2014. And this is the main thing you need to know.

We currently work as a creative team in Marcel since 2015. We’ve worked for internationnal brands such as eBay, Jeep, DS Automobiles, Total and won several internationnal prices over the past 2 years. We’ve been lucky to work with talented creative director since the beginning of our carreer, like Xavier Beauregard, Pierre Riess and Romain Guillon, Dimitri Guerassimov, Fabien Teichner and Anne de Maupeou.

And this is the specific things you need to know.


One is copywritter. One is art director.
One is playing Fifa. One is playing Red dead.
One liked The last jedi. One hated The last jedi.
One rides a motorbike. One drive a car.

And this is the thing you don’t need to know.